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Left side, strong side…

This week I chose to focus on my left hand more since I was struggling when it came to playing anything with both hands. I feel that (being right-handed) I am starting to feel fairly comfortable in playing the piano with my right hand, however, my left hand is definitely the weakest link. I utilized YouTube this week to find a couple lessons that focused on left handed playing and while they were fairly basic, I found them to be beneficial. I enjoyed one of the videos for the first half of the instruction and then I found that the instructor dialed up the difficultly and lost me at that point. It was at this moment where I had to change the way I was doing things. I have found myself starting to lose interest in the piano as I feel as though I am smashing on the same keys over and over again to see minimal progress. Yes, I know I know! I must slow down and stick to the process, but that is so much easier said that done and I want to play some music now!

So, I have taken the approach going forward that I am going to learn a song! I am narrowing it down to a couple and am going to decide in next weeks blog post as to which one I am going to choose. I am leaning towards All Of Me by John Legend, but I am definitely open to suggestions. But enough typing for now, I must practice if I wish you master a song before the end of this semester. Thanks for reading, until next time.


  1. Ashlyn Helmeczi

    Hey Byron. I definitely can relate to you that my right hand is more dominant when I am playing the piano and I feel that it is more stronger to play with. Can’t wait to hear you put a piece together. All Of Me by John Legend would be a great song to learn, I support this! Good luck!

  2. Derek Walde

    Honestly, I had to read this article because of the title. Great quote from a great movie, Remember the Titans. But anyways, glad to hear you are trying to work on both hands. Many people develop one hand then the other one lags, which makes it more difficult later on if you start to get into more difficult parts. Keep working and I am sure you will be able to play that song.

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