EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Yoga newbie

With how often I complain of body soreness and inflexibility, I might as well be classified as a senior citizen. For my age, I am extremely embarrassed to already be complaining of lower back and hip pain. What’s even worse is the fact that I can’t even touch my toes. With this in mind, I have decided to learn how to practice yoga. I have always been interested in yoga and improving my flexibility but found the terminology and the poses too intimidating to actually join a class. I figured the learning project is the perfect opportunity to finally put my fears aside and try it out!

My plan

I plan to practice yoga at least twice a week, starting with beginner poses and exercises. I will start with yoga that focusses on relieveing lower back and body pain as this is what I hope to gain out of this project. I want to be open to trying different types of yoga to see which one suits me best. I will hopefully work my way up to some more complex and intermediate level poses.

My goals

My biggest goal with this project is to improve my overall well-being by relieving my lower back and hip pain, increasing my flexibility and balance. Another goal of mine is to practice yoga to ease some stress and anxiety that I deal with in my day to day life. I believe that mental health is extremely important so taking the time out of my day to focus on myself and practice practice yoga to relieve some stress and anxiety will be beneficial for my health and well-being.

What I need:

  • Yoga matt
  • yoga block (I will need to buy this)
  • a positive attitude!


I plan on using YouTube as my main resource for this project as there are SO many videos to follow along with. I also plan to use a few websites such as yogabasics.com and yogajournal.com to learn how to practice yoga as well as get a better background understanding of yoga. I currently have a gym membership that is offering virtual classes to attend so I could join one of their yoga classes as well.

Do I have any fellow yogis around? If so, any tips, or other resources you could share with me would be greatly appreciated!

Episode 1 Yoga GIF by The Simpsons


  • kjn369

    Hello Alexandra!
    It looks like you have a really good plan in place a good set of resources already. I almost chose yoga as my project so I am excited to follow along on your journey and see where it leads you!

      • Kassia Nameth

        Okay this is a VERY late reply so I apologize but I lost track of all the comments I made on classmate’s posts but I think I tracked everything down now! I think this is a super cool idea if you are still up for it!

  • Logan Fettes

    Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility! Don’t worry, I too suffer from what I call “old person syndrome.” It seems as though my muscles and abilities are deteriorating at a rapid pace, even though that is not the case. I look forward to seeing your progress.

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