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This is the most accurate representation of myself after using Fitness+ to help with my yoga learning project.

Fitness+ is a game changer!

Because my sister and I share each others Apple watch fitness information, she sent me a yoga workout she completed and recommended for me to try out using the fitness+ option within the Fitness app (for those who don’t have an apple watch, sharing our information means you can see how active each individual is being as it shows how many calories you are burning, along with how long you have worked out or stood up throughout the day. It also shows any workouts that you have done and tracked with your apple watch).

To get a better idea, here is a comparison of mine and my sisters fitness progress for Thursday March 31st at 11am.

My sister’s progress so far
My progress so far

The one and only down fall to the app:

You have to pay for it, a steep $12.99/ month or $99.99/year. Thankfully, I had the option to click on the 1 month free trial and I plan to cancel once my free month is up.

Fitness+ tour

This is the main page of Fitness+

At the very top of the main page you can see the HIIT, Yoga, Core, and Strength options but if you slide your finger left on those options it provides SO many more workouts to choose from.

Once you click on your desired workout, you will see a screen with tons of workouts to choose from with a detailed description. I could scroll for so long there were way too many yoga workout options to choose from, I loved it! I also really appreciated the filter option to help narrow down your options.

Yoga main page
The filter options

Following my sisters recommendation, I chose “Yoga with Jessica”

My sister knows me so well, recommending a hips and legs focused sequence.

The preview option provides a quick 30 second clip of what the yoga practice entails, which I thought was awesome. Theres nothing worse than choosing a yoga sequence and then halfway through it realizing you don’t like it or that it doesn’t match the level of yoga you have been practicing.

As you can see, this yoga sequence includes music in the practice. The yoga sequences that I have performed usually have a quiet, tranquil background tune that reminds me of elevator music. This made me love this practice so much more because the playlist included Fleetwood Mac! BONUS: What is also really nice about the music aspect is that you can download a song from this sequence into your music app if you really liked a song.

The practice it’s self was WONDERFUL! Jessica was great. She often reassured the audience to not worry if you couldn’t perform a certain pose and encouraged me to try my best without straining my body. To hype up this practice even more, Jessica had two other members performing the flow with her (in the Yoga with Jessica image above, you can see how the guy in the background is performing a variation to Jessica’s pose). As Jessica did her practice, one person showed an easier variation of the poses, while the other showed the more difficult version. This allowed for more visible variations in the practice. Often times the instructor verbally states the variations to the poses but doesn’t perform them. This helped me because I am still not the most flexible and I was able to watch one of the background performers and see how they performed the variation to the pose because she also had tight hips like me.

Another bonus is that as soon as I clicked “lets go” it automatically began to track my yoga workout on my apple watch.

Overall, Fitness+ gets another plus. It deserves it. I absolutely LOVE this app. I might even consider paying for it monthly. I am also excited to try out the other workout options. I highly recommend anyone who likes to workout, or wants to get into working out to give this app a shot with the free trial!

Big thumbs up from me

Here’s a quick little video clip I made using the video editing app Animoto:

In my opinion, this was the hardest pose within Jessica’s sequence, the standing hand to toe pose (I had to perform the variation because I still struggle with flexibility).
Does anyone recommend any online resources to learn yoga? Comment down below!


  • Shana

    Hey Alex,
    I have been looking into a smart watch! Do you recommend apple? I have done some research , but I like hearing peoples opinions! I like that you and your sister can share with each other, but that is a pretty steep billing amount! I would cancel too! I am in some Beachbody groups and the girls are obsessed with closing those rings!!

    I’m not a fan of yoga, but they are programs through Beachbody that are strictly yoga or incorporate yoga into their workout programs! (Not gonna lie, I usually skip the yoga or Pilates days)

    Your balance is great! Yoga has definitely paid off for you this semester!

    • Courtney Roppel

      Hey Shana,
      I also have an Apple Watch and love it. I like that it is so compatible with my phone. I have never had one of the newer Fitbit watches but I would assume they are pretty similar. I have heard from some people that Fitbit is a little bit more delayed than the apple watch when you get notifications, not that that is necessarily a deal-breaker. My mom has a Samsung phone and we got her a Samsung smartwatch and she also likes it but says that you cant personalize it as much compared to the Apple Watches!
      Hopefully, that helps you a little.

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hey Shana, I highly recommend the Apple watch! Before I got it I was against it for the price and didn’t think it would be worth it but I love mine. I love being able to connect my phone to the watch and received my notifications on it as well. I have noticed I have been so much more conscious about my activity levels and it encourages me to get more active which I need and really appreciate. To be honest I was always so against yoga too but I highly suggest you try out a beginner version of whatever you kind of like because that’s how I got into it. If you ever need some suggestions and want to get into it, hit me up! I’d love to help!

  • Haley Miller

    Hi Alex, I always enjoy reading your posts each week. I can tell you are improving and your balance is amazing in that last clip. You’ve influenced me to check out Fitness+. It’s too bad it is a bit pricier but by the looks of it, it seems to be beneficial an app that could provide people with guidance to workout- especially at home during these crazy times with Covid-19. I have an Apple Watch too and love seeing my rings close and getting my steps in. Somedays when I am locked in at my laptop and desk for school, I don’t even wear my watch so I am not let down when I don’t see my rings close lol. Thanks for sharing Alex!

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hi Haley, I love how you are noticing my progress, it makes me feel great. I really appreciate it! I am so glad my sister introduced me to Fitness+, I can’t wait to try out the HIIT workouts! I completely agree though, so far I have only done the one yoga workout but the instructor was awesome and I bet it would be incredibly beneficial for people working out at home! I feel you on getting disappointed by the activity levels on a heavy school work day. I should take mine off on those days too, that’s a really good idea to help me feel a little bit better on the tougher days. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  • Courtney Roppel

    Hey Alex, great post.
    I have been trying to find a good online source or app for working out but I also feel like that is pretty expesive each month!
    Its awesome that you are enjoying your learning project so much.

    • Alexandra Crammond

      Hi Courtney, I would suggest trying Fitness+ for the free trial and then decide from there if you are willing to pay the monthly fee, if not you can always cancel. I loved the one workout I did and I can’t wait to try some more. If you need a killer workout that you want to try at home I would suggest any YouTube video by Funk Roberts. Here is a really great HIIT workout that doesn’t require any equipment if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDgxIXkv5ec

  • Robin

    I am not sure where to start. Been thinking about practicing Yoga for long time to get better health wise. Practicing breathing exercises these days but dont know where to go further. Any beginners guide you would like to share? will be great if you can write a separate piece on it.

    Thank you Alexandra.

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