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    This is where I plan to include my lesson plans. I have not yet taken any third year courses, or really learned how to create a lesson plan yet. Here is a sample lesson plan following the “backwards by design” strategy. Here is a sample lesson plan involving grade 5 integrating numerous subject ares including: health, social studies, arts education, English language arts, and treaty education. Here is a sample lesson plan regarding grade 7 health and integrating treaty education.

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    Teaching Resources

    Lesson Plans Media Smarts : Here you can find teaching resources such as lesson plans and resources involving digital and media literacy. The Conscious Kid: This provides great book suggestions, lesson plans, and resources regarding inclusion and diversity within the classroom. Common Sense: This resource provides digital citizenship lesson plans and classroom resources, as well as EdTech reviews. Organization and Planning Tools Wakelet: This resource is great for creating collections of links, resources, and blog posts, really anything you need organized. This collection could be shared with students for easier access to the links/ resources you need to provide them. Chalk: This is also called plan board. It is a…