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Everyday, Online. What Takes Up My Time?

I am a person who is always online. I use numerous online applications and websites for my personal life, entertainment, and schoolwork purposes. TikTok is probably my most used application. If I am being honest, I can spend countless hours on the app. It is very addictive and entertaining. You may cry from laughter after watching a video, then cry from sadness the next. Along with that, TikTok is where I get information about video games that are already released and upcoming video game date releases. (Fun Fact: I love playing cozy games, so my Steam wishlist is just an endless number of cozy games that I want to buy and play. I’m happy to talk about this if people want to). Although I must double and triple-check if they are factual, TikTok is where I get my current news. This is where I learned about the conflicts that are happening in the middle east, and different protests, such as student encampments in universities and the boycotting of Loblaws. In terms of communication, I mainly use three applications: Facebook (or Facebook Messenger), Snapchat, and Instagram. I also use Discord for communication, but I mainly use them to be in different video game communities. 


For academic purposes, I use several apps. For example, to write notes for my classes, I use apps called Kilonotes and Noteshelf (I recommend checking these apps). Switching to digital notes is probably one of the best decisions I made since all my notes are in one place and will not take up space in my backpack. For digital flashcards, I use an app called Knowt. It is a free app and, to be honest, it is much better than Quizlet. Organization-wise, I mainly use Notion and Google Calendar. With notion, it acts as your second brain. There, you can add all your coursework to show it in different ways, such as table view, calendar view, and more. There are numerous features, and this blog post will be too long if I listed them all. So, if you find yourself disorganized with your schoolwork or general things in life, check Notion out. I will have a picture of the dashboard I use for my studies. Last semester (Winter 2024), my theme for my dashboard was sunsets. This semester (Spring/Summer 2024), my theme is Studio-Ghibli Nature.



Basically, to keep me from exhausting myself when studying, I use the pomodoro method, but without the actual timer. I just set up a study session, usually 3 to 4 hours, and have fifteen-minute breaks after and repeat. This would not work for everybody since there are many ways to study, but this specific one works for me. 

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  1. Bridget Maloney Bridget Maloney

    Hey Shan! I enjoyed reading your post. I too spend a lot of my time on TikTok, and share many of your thoughts on why it is such a good resource. I sometimes find myself seeing it as a distraction, but you make a great point about how this platform keeps you informed on news and new developments in regard to your interests. I love how such a diverse platform can become a community for so many people! I had not heard of any of your favourite academic technology tools. They sound very interesting, especially Kilonotes and Noteshelf, as I love taking online notes and am always looking for new things to try. Thank you for sharing!

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