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New Words, New Ways to Express

This week, I used the “Sign Language ASL Pocket Sign” app for the first time.

 Before I talk about my progress, let me discuss what the app offers.

The home page is where your lessons are located. This app does have a subscription ($5.99 per month or $59.99 per year), and since I am only using the free version, there is only a free daily lesson for me to access. With each correct answer I get, I earn ten green gems. I have not explored the app enough, so I am unsure of what those are for now. There is also a dictionary section to look up how to sign a particular word. Another section is the alphabet to learn the alphabet in sign language.

 The last tab is the study section, which I think is the most important section in the app. This tab is entirely connected to your lessons page. Whatever you learned in the free daily lessons will be sent to this tab where you can learn it all again, from the individual words to full sentences. In addition, under this tab is the Camera Sign Practice feature where the app uses your camera to see if you are signing the words correctly.

For today’s free daily lesson, I learned eleven new words in sign. These words are Tea, Soup, Ice Cream, Good, Bad, Milk, Bowl, Bread, Water, Cookie, and Eat. 

My next free daily lesson will be on more foods, as seen in the images in this blog post. 


Even though I am only learning a limited number of words through this app, I am enjoying my time learning how to sign them. This can only mean that I am one step closer to my goal, and that is to becomes fluent in American Sign Language.


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  1. Hailey Harris Hailey Harris

    Hi Shan!
    This seems like a really great app for learning sign language! I like that it has daily lessons as well as provides a dictionary. I have slowly been trying to learn ASL and will be looking into this app.
    I also have a YouTube source you may enjoy using. His name is Bill Vicars and he works at an American Sign Language University. He is a deaf teacher who creates videos of him teaching sign language to his students. He provides questions to answer and tips on facial expressions when signing!

    I hope your learning journey goes well!

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