Trolls out!

Trolls out!

Hola a todos!
Today we are going to talk about something that is extremely important (like everything I post here, people), and that is FAKE NEWS.
Yes, folks, fake news. We have all been victims at one time or another. They tell us that the end of the world is coming, that prices have fallen, or that a famous person is an alien. But that’s why knowing which are true and which are false is VITAL.
Today we will see different tools to distinguish the ones that are real from the ones that are trying to deceive us.
The truth is that I had never given this a second thought until I was in the situation in my edtc300 class regarding how vulnerable we are on the internet. Both each of us as individuals and how susceptible we are to being victims of scams or fake news, which ultimately guide our decisions. It’s good to give this a second thought and learn to recognize the real from the fake.
So I took some resources from the course and tested my ability to know if something was real.

Quiz 1: SPOT THE TROLL. This one is really cool! They show you several Twitter profiles and make you guess with their profile information if they are real or trolls (I got it all wrong, lol).

Quiz 2: BREAK FAKE NEWS. This quiz gives you tweets and asks whether they are real. Depending on your answer, it tells you why it’s fake or real.

Quiz 3: CAN YOU SPOT THE FAKE NEWS? This last quiz gives you the premise of a news story, and you must decide which one is correct. Then it tells you if you were wrong and which was correct with the percentage of people who pressed each alternative (to err is human).

As I said, I often don’t pay attention to this kind of thing, but I think it is essential to teach children about this. We often ask our students to do homework and look for information, and with all the information out there, it is more and more complicated to decide which sources are correct and which are not. So I would definitely teach them (with these resources) to differentiate what is real news or profile and what is not.
I finally understand how important it is to have an adequate profile, updated and according to my person and what I am trying to communicate. Thanks, edtc300!

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  1. I agree I also learned a lot from that class! Those are some really useful tools to use with students. But I think adults also need some lessons in this!

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