What is this about?

What is this about?

Hola a todos! I started this learning journey for the Introduction to Educational Technology Media 300 course to learn something meaningful that can last over time.

And what I have chosen to learn is knitting.

Like many people, this catches my attention because of my grandmother on my father’s side, Sonia.

Sonia is an independent older woman who lives in a large house alone. She enjoys sewing, embroidering, and above all, knitting. She started knitting at a pretty young age as a hobby and years later as a form of formal work.

She has knitted all the woolen outfits for the family, starting with her first son, who is 63 years old, to her youngest great-granddaughter, who is one year old. But we must admit that even if her hands hurt, she will never stop knitting.

She is one of my greatest inspirations; for her strength as a woman, what she has gained and lost, and because she deserves to be recognized. So this is for her. I love you, abuela.


Sonia at Las Vegas, Nevada, in February 2022