Taking advice from the roomies (goes wrong?)

Taking advice from the roomies (goes wrong?)

Hola a todos! After a day of shopping as a university exchange student (I’m already broke), I decided to try crochet.
The idea remains the same: A beautiful cream-colored scarf… only crocheted.

My friend and roommate Mariela suggested trying crochet as an excellent place to start. She assured me that she had done it many times, so it was up to me to try, believe and start weaving.

So I started my creation very slowly because the fingers need a workout from NEVER trying to do anything. The point was a bit complicated for someone just learning, but after seeing a couple of points, I felt thrilled and fulfilled. So the next time you read my blog, it will be with half of the scarf ready.

3 thoughts on “Taking advice from the roomies (goes wrong?)

  1. I love the look of a crocheted piece! You will get the hang of it quickly and once you do – you will be unstoppable! Looking forward to continuing to watch your artistic journey!

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