I am curious to own a PRADA bag

I am curious to own a PRADA bag

Hola a todos!

How are you? I’m doing well, catching up with university, as I’m getting closer to going home every day. I feel excited but a little sad to think about this other life I have created here with different times, friends, and habits.
How strange life is; I often realize that we are our own home; home will be where I am and where I choose to share who I am.
With that mini reflection, I give way to the PRADA bag.

The thing is, folks, I’m going to start knitting a tote bag. The video I found says, “PRADA crochet tote bag step by step,” and since it says so in the tutorial, it will have to be PRADA.
The bag will use a new stitch, but I’ll keep using the same crochet stick and the same yarn (because I have a lot left). It will have a different time, and I’m going to start it now to have it as soon as possible. This need comes from wanting to buy another color urgently, hahaha.
This is the video I will be using. It comes in Spanish but goes step by step, showing it, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what it says.
I’ll see you when I have progress. Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “I am curious to own a PRADA bag

  1. Hey Barbara, what a reflection you made in your initial comments – home is where we are. I’ve mostly spent my life in Regina, but have spent some brief time in other places and it is crazy how quickly life changes and you adapt – also a crazy realization that life moves on for others even when you are gone!! Looking forward to seeing your tote bag – what a valuable skill to have moving forward.

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