Learning something crucial: How to swim

Learning something crucial: How to swim

Hola a todos! Since my mini-bag is in process. For this week of recess, I decided to learn something entertaining and “half” new: swimming with my head submerged.
And no, it’s not that I don’t know how, but it’s tough for me to swim with my head down (very strange).
It all started because I live with two girls from Mexico (Mar and Marisol, I love them) who are lifeguards, and both worked in camps with children. So, they invited me to swim at the university pool (even if it was -19 degrees outside, hahaha), and I told them I didn’t know how to put my head under the water. And now they are going to teach me.
Marisol said: “Well if you drown, I’m a lifeguard.” But what convinced me was that they had already taught children before, and if children can learn, why can’t I?

Marisol and I, on our first day at the pool.

And now I feel confident that I want to learn, hahaha. Besides, at the end of the semester in December, I go back to Chile, where the summer is just starting, and I must know how to swim well, so I’m going for it.
Marisol first taught me that breathing was crucial and said I should do “bucitos,” which refers to a diver. So, I should take a breath, keep my lungs full, submerge my head, and blow “like birthday candles,” she said.
Marisol made me go back and forth in the university pool, watching my breathing and how I moved my feet and legs. The great thing about this was that I could go longer with each lap without taking full air and only breathing as much as I needed. Of course, there was a moment when I was ready to give up because of the effort involved, but Marisol (the best coach/friend in life) kept cheering me on and praising what I was completing.
I plan to keep going to the pool until I must leave, so I can be almost professional (as long as I can dip my head in is fine). See you next week!

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  1. Hello Barbara,
    I am surprised that you did not know how to swim. When I was in Brazil, I tried to learn but I was not so engaged as you are now. Learning how to swim is really a good thing. It is never late and I think that you will enjoy your learning when you will be back to Chili. May God accompany you there. I whish you all the best.

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