Old School Mama?


I have made 38 trips around the sun and experienced a lot in those 38 years. I began my University education over 20 years ago and then left my educational pursuits after 3 years to get married and have 2 beautiful daughters.

Ten years ago, my husband and I started up and continue to operate Dr. Java’s Coffee House in Prince Albert Saskatchewan, which combines his passion for coffee with my passion for baking and cooking! My life has come full circle, as, after over 10 years of following a certain path, I have come to a crossroads where I have made some big decisions about what I want for my future. At 38 years old I have found myself back in school working towards my future as a teacher, and expecting our 3rd child this September (A BOY THIS TIME!) While my life can be incredibly busy and hectic at times, it is full of love and adventure!

I am excited for my next adventure in this class of learning how to be what my kids call trendy. When I told them about my enrollment in this class they were ecstatic. You see my social media/technology ability, while not totally archaic, I am definitely an old school mama, where Facebook is the only social media that I am familiar with. My girls often give me a hard time stating that “Facebook is for old people and so not cool”. I must admit that returning to University during a pandemic was a challenge….Zoom…well I did not even know what that was! When I attended university all those years ago, students took notes on pen and paper, computers were stationary and internet connections were painful…..I even remember using dial-up internet! With a full year of zoom and laptop use under my belt, I have finally mastered the skill of being able to navigate other pages while on a zoom call, without experiencing feelings of panic that I would not be able to get back to the zoom screen in order to unmute or join a breakout room! So now my next goal is to learn how to be more savvy and active in social media and other technologies available so that this old school mama can become what my kids call a trendy teacher. They have already made a list of teachers I need to follow on tic tok and Instagram….

When I think about social media and blogging I get uncomfortable and nervous. As an introverted person, I prefer one on one conversations and I struggle with putting myself out there for others to judge. I do not enjoy being in videos or pictures on any form of social media, as I am far too critical of myself and worried about what others will think or say. As a result, I find social media and the idea of blogging very overwhelming and intimidating. However, I am going to try to let down my guard and embrace everything that it has to offer.

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