From Zero to 90


Over the course of the spring session, I have gone from being a stranger to social networking to communicating and sharing resources and feedback with peers and fellow educators. I never would have imagined that I would grasp Twitter, participate in Live Twitter chats, create and maintain a blog, or become fluent in different apps and sites to help me with my professional development as well as prepare me to be the best teacher that I can be. Let’s take a look at my networking involvement this spring!!

  1. Twitter: From not even having a Twitter account, not understanding hashtags or the point of Twitter to 125 tweets and 35 followers and growing!
Look at me go!!

I have regularly contributed resources, as well as commented on peers contributions on twitter:

2. Twitter Chats:

The first time we were introduced to TwitterDeck and the #saskedchat I was completely overwhelmed and intimidated. However, by the end, I had found a groove and in reflection found it very exciting and informative! I was left wanting more! Trying to fit in another live chat with my busy work and class schedule has been difficult, so I had to wait until tonight to finally be able to attend the #saskedchat. While tonight’s chat was not as intellectual as our first one was, it was great to see the living support system in action as these incredible and busy teachers are pushing through the last weeks of the year. I enjoyed getting a sneak peek at some of the emotions and thoughts that arise at the end of the school year. It was also useful for me as I was able to follow a few more like-minded educators!!

3. Voices of Edtc300: Learning Projects

I think my favorite posts to read were peer’s learning projects. I loved to see what they were up to and learn alongside them. I also loved to see what apps and formats they were using for their posts in order to get inspiration for my own. Most importantly, I recognize that blogging about yourself can be very intimidating and I wanted to offer as must positive feedback and support as I could!! I know I always felt good reading other’s comments on my posts, so I wanted to try to spread the love as much as I could!

Sydney Hoffman’s “Baking Advantage of a Birthday”
Julie Findura’s “These Hands Can Do More Than Just Count!”

Julie Findura’s “A little baby talk”
Rosalie K’s “Making creative stitch brick earnings”

4. Inspiration from classmates blog posts

While keeping track of classmates learning project posts, I found that they influenced my own learning project posts.

The first example of this is Dani K’s learning project based on Meditation, which inspired me to try not one but 2 prenatal meditation videos as a part of my prenatal fitness journey.

The second example of this is multiple classmates’ use of TikTok in their learning projects. While TikTok did not pan out as useful for me, as for most of them, seeing their success gave me the confidence and motivation to sign up and check out Tiktok for learning. I must note that my kids were so proud of me at that moment. lol

Sydney Hoffman’s TikTok Apple Pie
Miss Dayman: Tik Tok for learning? …You can’t be serious.
My TikTok Workout

5. Voices of edtc300: Academic Reflections

My Lazy morning Sunday reading while I drank my morning coffee often consisted of the class reflection responses. Reading these responses and perspectives helped me to better understand my own thoughts and opinions as well as to see things in a different light. Many of these posts were affirmative to my own thoughts and feeling, and some also offered new and fresh ideas. Thank you to all my peers who helped me to grow as a person and a future teacher!

Miss Dayman: “Am I A Digital Citizen?”
Ashley Peterman: “Watch What You Post Online”

6. Discord

While I really tried to participate on Discord, my own inexperience left me with my hands tied. By the time I would be able to look up and research the answer to a question, someone far more skilled with technology would have already answered. I did however attempt to contribute to conversations when I could:

7. My own Learning Project Posts

While I recognize that my learning project was very specific and not likely based on a topic that many fellow students could relate to or care about. For my younger peers, I hope that when they decide to start family’s of their own, that they remember that there is such a thing called prenatal fitness. I hope that they remember to explore online resources just as I did. For the fellow mature students who have already completed their families, I hope that I was able to offer them some humour or entertainment as they strolled down memory lane, remembering their own pregnancy/pregnancies.

pregnant women in yoga pose
“A fit pregnant woman” by is marked with CC0 1.0

Why did I title this post from Zero to 90? Let me explain. While I admit I was not at a “zero” as far as knowledge about digital identity ect, my skill set was definitely close to zero. Likewise, I do not feel that my growth is a true 90, but for me, it sure feels like it. I would never say that I am at 100% because we as teachers and humans are always learning. Further to that, technology is always advancing and changing, as is the way we communicate in this world. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to my own learning in one way or another and I wish you all the best in your future learning of always striving to learn and advance.


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  1. Hello Brandy, we were on the same page! I have not used twitter or hashtag before but with the help of EDTC300 I found bunch of stuff which at first seemed difficult to me! I also I have to say , choosing exercising project was very smart , it is in my learn-to do list as well! and one more thing your title of post : zero to 90 intrigued me to open your post! :))


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