Rainy Day Reprieve


After a rainy weekend spent trapped behind the computer working on school work, I felt unmotivated and incredibly sore. I decided to use this as an opportunity to motivate myself to do an extra post for my edtech 300 class, all the while helping to ease my sore body. For this, I choose a 23-minute yoga video that I have completed a few times this week, which may be my favourite prenatal yoga video to date.

After completing this yoga video I have noticed the following:

  • My back and hips feel so much better
  • Less pressure in my abdomen
  • My mood has increased significantly
  • My energy levels have increased

Things I enjoy speicically about this workout video:

  • The simplicity of the background
  • Her detailed explanations helped in transitions when I was unable to face the screen
  • really easy transitions from sitting to standing
  • Lots of stretches that focused on the hips
  • Screen text with motivational words
Motivational text appears on the screen, "I am proud of myself.  I am doing the best I can."

My only suggestion would be the use of more of these screen text motivational words, as I found they were helpful to get through the time of a stretch rather than focusing on how much longer.

I then decided to try our pregnancy meditation just for fun! I tried 2 different videos that I found on You Tube:

I did not particularly enjoy this first one. The constant reference to the pelvic floor and other more scientific labels for body parts and what they do during labour was not comforting or relaxing to me. In opposition in made me tense up. As a result I searched out another pregnancy meditation to try to leave me feeling more relaxed.

What I enjoyed about this meditation:

  • the sounds of nature in the back ground
  • the encouraging and positive words of being strong for your baby
  • the referencing to getting help from others
  • the lack of medical/scientific terminology for body parts and functions

I actually found this meditation to be very relaxing, to the point that I may just save it for when I am actually in labor!

After all this stretching and meditating I actually found myself to be far more energetic, and as the rain cleared off and my husband returned from work we decided to take our dog for a walk. Lucky for me I remembered to use my fit bit to track my stats for our walk.

All in all I would say it was a very productive Sunday!!

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