A Little About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I am guessing you are on here to learn a little bit about me! So to start off with some of the basics, I am a preservice secondary teacher majoring in Social Studies and minoring in Inclusive Education. I am a cup half full, passionate individual, who seeks to make all things as inclusive as possible. My love for Social Studies roots in my passion for politics, history and justice. I cannot wait to get into a classroom of my own and do amazing things. I believe in our youth and wish to help them grow into their best self. Aside from all of that, questions such as “who are you” truly baffle me. At the age of 20, “who I am” is still developing. Who I am at this point consists of, I am a female whose pronouns are her/she, likes black coffee and plants. I am a white privileged Canadian, who resides on Treaty 4 Land. I believe that “who I am” is best revealed through conversation and experiences. I cannot understand who I am until I have had enough meaningful conversations with people of all kinds. I cannot understand who I am without experiencing who I want to be. I cannot know who I am when yesterday, I was a different person.

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