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Upgrades! Tossing Away My Pen And Paper

Graphic Design

A print that I made on Procreate

Okay, people. I know that we have all be pulled into a rabbit hole of watching people drawing things on their iPads. There is something about it that is so satisfying. I have had an iPad for about a year now and have messed around with the app Procreate. In doing so, I have been able to make simple drawings of friends and family but have plateaued at that.

After deciding that I wanted to dive further into graphic design for this project I stumbled across a website called SkillShare. This website is jam-packed with tons of information on graphic design- specifically the Procreate app. I am most excited and interested in learning how to draw flowers and leaves and how to arrange them. In a perfect world, they will be nice enough to print and put on my walls at the end of the semester- but we will see about that!

When I started playing around with Procreate during the lockdown, I jumped right into drawing people. Because of this, I have a decent understanding of how the program works in the sense of colours and layering. That being said, I would say that is only a quarter of what the app is capable of! So I am going back to the basics to start this journey off.

I am hoping that by the end of the semester I am able to draw something like this TikTok. Wishful thinking? Likely. But, I am determined so we will see what happens! I would also like to make a variation of a gif that can be found and used on Giphy– again, possibly wishful thinking.

Bitmoji Image

Mood Boards

Mood Boards! To my chaotic brains saving grace. Here is a guide to what I will be tackling each week! How am I going to do this? Great question and in all honesty, the timeline I have created will likely change a ton but that’s okay!

Week 1: Lettering- I am going to go into both handwritten (calligraphy) and typed (typography). My goal for this week is to use different pens, colours and layers to make a legible quote to have in my bedroom!

Week 2: Basic Plants and Leaves- This skill will set me up for the rest of the semester because plants make everything look better…

Week 3: Simplistic Botanicals- I decided to go for a more simplistic look for week 2 so that I could really master what I learnt from week 2!

Week 4: What is more satisfying than a good pattern? Or completely symmetrical drawing? I am really looking forward to this week!


  • Emily Patchin

    Hey Caelyn! Procreate sounds like so much fun and a great way to customize many things. I love your idea of creating your own flowers to hopefully put onto your wall, I’m sure they’ll turn out super great. Your week by week plan is very organized, and the mood boards look so inspiring! Can’t wait to see how much you progress throughout this journey, and have fun!

  • Sarah Stroeder

    Hi Caelyn 🙂 How are you?! I love that you chose to do this for your learning project. Your couples prints are literally the cutest thing ever, and I definitely need to order one from you sometime! I’m really impressed how you have the next four weeks already all planned out! I was nowhere near this organized when I was doing my learning project haha. So cool how you were able to embed a TikTok into your post; her work is gorgeous! I have confidence you’ll be there by the end of the semester. Good luck girl!

    • Caelyn Hembroff

      Sarah!! Thanks for commenting! I am great how are you doing? I just did the first four weeks so I can reevaluate where I am and see if I need to go back to something or to move on 🙂 I like to call my self disorganized organized hahaha

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