Taking the First Plunge: TikTok

Downloading the TikTok app

So I added the TikTok app… It asked me to select some of the thing I am interested in so I selected a few. After creating my account and using Facebook to log in it now asks me to follow some of my friends that are on TikTok; I bypassed that option for now.

My first set of videos (is that what they are called?) I have listened to are pretty funny! They were comedy ones that came up right away about married life; made me giggle! My second set of videos were some hair hacks on creating “cute messy buns”. Stay tuned for tomorrows class I might give it a try; I mean I have all the time in the world right now being in isolation for the next 5 days so why not right?

2 thoughts on “Taking the First Plunge: TikTok

  1. Great work on Tik Tok! I worked on it this week as well. I didn’t post it though, as my site is private…lol! I work up the courage to share. All the best with isolation and Tik Tok!! Looking forward to seeing your creations…..

  2. I am so happy that you have dived into the world of Tiktok! It truly is both entertaining and educational. As you start to like different videos the algorithm will start to show you videos on your “for you page” that Tiktok thinks that you will be interested in. Once you start coming across videos that you like you can follow that creator and it will show you their content more often. Have fun!

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