Combining Multiple Videos

I was given a task by The Strong Studio to complete a week challenge with creating a video about the most impactful thing I learned from participating in a Top Droppers Challenge. I chose to use TikTok to create the video because it fit so well with my final project. Here are some of my reflections on this video: there was a lot of frustration with having to go back and redo the video because I kept making mistakes, or waiting till words came back around so I could set the text duration and I couldn’t get my timing perfect on the end to stay a bit longer so a person could read the last little bit without having to pause. My daughter offered a piece of advice afterwards to keep my text font the same so it would be easier to read; I agree with her 100% but I also wanted to use this opportunity to play with fonts specifically for this class. Overall I had a blast creating this longer video but it took A LOT of time (almost 2 hours in just putting it together not actually recording), A LOT of editing and clipping videos to make them shorter, and not to mention trying to record myself in the middle of a trainer led workout where I was trying to get a good workout in was something else all together, etc. I was surprised at the effort that needed to go into my very amature creation and I have a lot more appreciation for the people who create very flawless (to me) looking TikTok videos, and man the tools they must have to get everything perfect!

This TikTok was created with a lot of support from my daughter! Check on the link below!

Ha now this embedding thing worked and I don’t know why?!? Ah well success!

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  1. Wow! You have done a really extensive job showing your learning project. How do you keep up with it all? It looks great. You have made quite a great reflection summary for yourself and for us to see! Thanks!

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