TikTok for Dummies 2021- A Beginners Guide

Yep that’s me, I am the dummy!! I decided to do some beginners “research” on how to use TikTok aside from enlisting my daughter to help and offer feedback on my videos; she has been a great resource to have but sometimes she is not interested in helping me so I turn to Youtube. Although something suspicious may be going on here….she doesn’t have TikTok yet so this makes me wonder how she knows all the things… (I need to investigate that later). Youtube is so helpful sometimes and this is one of those times. I watched this video below and then I put it into practice, the focus is going to be on sound and effects; although I have played with it before in other videos, this is where I finally understood what I was doing and not necessarily going in blind.

Adding a Layer of Music and my Voice- Balance


Adding Visual Effects & Text


Adding Visual Effects (Another one) & Text


I am still having trouble getting TikTok to be embedded into my blog so the video is just there, so links will be the way for now!

4 thoughts on “TikTok for Dummies 2021- A Beginners Guide

  1. I am a dummy too! it has always been good to learn from YouTube. Your TikToks are going amazing and interesting and I am going to try these effects on my videos as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I admit I am a dummy too, although I will admit I downloaded the app as I am curious about this app. My friends and always tell each other if we don’t know anything about a subject we will ask “uncle youtube” and “auntie siri”. I really enjoy reading and learning from all the blogs about the cyber world. I along with some colleagues took a class of 27 students out onto the land for three days without any technology. I became to know how reliant I have become to my phone and youtube lol.

  3. I have never created content on TikTok (nor do I intend to, at least in the foreseeable future). Some of the content I see on there is so polished and impressive – I really don’t understand how they do all the cool transitions, effects, etc. I love using YouTube (or Googling in general) to learn new things! If my computer or phone is doing something weird, look it up and chances are you’ll find an answer on the internet! I love that your daughter is helping give you tips!

  4. I too love how your daughter is helping you out with your TikTok journey. Like Kara, I also am not a TikTok user and am not sure that I ever will be. I enjoy learning through you though, and how you have really embraced the project!

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