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I need to give so much thanks to my daughter allowing me to use her Edsby account to share with you what it looks like from a student view even with her indiscretions of overdue assignments she was happy to share (even if it makes my eyes twitch…how does a teachers kid have overdue assignments?).

As a teacher and a parent we have the brain capacities to navigate more complex websites, older students can also complete with such tasks. However, you are going to notice that so much of the parent view is exactly identical to the student view but the students get a few more features then the parents. This platform is visually the exact same from kindergarten to grade 12; this is a vast difference in cognitive abilities and what can be accomplished. If there is one big recommendation or advice that I have to give Edsby it is this: You need to have different student views separating the early elementary from the upper grades.

When you get views of this:

Edsby - EdTech Digest

and then this is what you actually get:

Edsby Software - 2022 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

There is a serious disconnect and not a real great understanding of what students levels of abilities are. The munchkins in grade one still do not know their letters let alone know how to log onto computers using their names and if they do it takes them way too long to get on and then they miss out on the super fun activities.

Watch my video below and see how students can navigate through the student view and how it can be used very similar to google classroom when it comes to handing in assignments or viewing assignments teachers have given you!

3 thoughts on “Student View

  1. Wow Christine! Great job on explaining all about Edsby. As a non-classroom teacher and since I do not have children in public school any more, I have a very limited understanding of Edsby. It was very informative to see the different views and how teachers and students use Edsby. Thanks for the information!

  2. Good job going into more depth and explaining while showing us what EDSBY looks like through a student lens. Even though we are using it in our professional practice, it’s sometimes hard to connect with the kiddos and understand their perspectives when we can’t see their side of things. Thanks for the informative video too!

  3. Yikes Christine, thank you for showing the disconnect between advertisement and functionality of Edsby. As someone without children, I often miss what the student version looks like. Even as an IT admin for MSS, I still can’t see student or parent views. Thank you for the in depth video!

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