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Edsby for Parents - How Edsby helps parents

Oh man this would have been so helpful to share with parents when we first began and I think is going to be vital in getting some of a parents logged on. A Parent Support Guide

Here parents can find answers to frequently asked questions like:

There is a parent learn about sections:

And even how to videos:

As a teacher it would have been great to have been told about Edsby having this, it would have maybe saved me hours and hours explaining and answering some of parents questions. Now I know…

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  1. I am also exploring Edsby, Christine. I recently found this page as well and was shocked that I (and parents) weren’t more aware of these resources. Since teachers aren’t able to preview the parent portal, it is so difficult to troubleshoot with parents. This week, I spent time experimenting with my gradebook while viewing the parent portal of one of my students (I work with the parent). I learned so much from this and I feel like there really isn’t anywhere that clearly communicates information, especially because each school division is slightly different. I hope to make a one page infographic that summarizes the info. Have you had any big discoveries that are game changers?

    1. Agreed, many teachers when it was first introduced to our division didn’t know what it looked like from a parent view; luckily for me I have 2 children in the division so I was able to troubleshoot some things and bounce back and forth. Having the parent help page I think was my biggest game changer, I could have shared their how to videos instead of trying to create my own or trying to explain step by step, knowing this would have been a very huge time saver.

  2. Christine, I love your enthusiasm when it comes to supporting parents when it comes to technology. I agree completely that if we want to build any momentum regarding Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy we need to work with parents. What I appreciate in your blog is that your really trying to reduce parent frustration when dealing with technology. I agree, if parents are frustrated with technology what hope will we ever have in working together on Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy initiatives. Our talk about offering parent technology information sessions is brilliant.

    1. Just need to build capacities in all stakeholders so the buy in is successful; I feel a wise colleague once used that saying once upon a time (you that was you)!

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