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By | January 10, 2019

Hi!  My name is Kelsey Clauson and I am currently taking EC&I 834 for my 10th and final class towards my Masters of Educational Psychology.  My teaching experience consists of working as a learning resource teacher for 5 years in Regina’s North Central community.  However, my family life of raising two small children has led me to a full-time “stay at home mom” position, with substitute teaching for Regina Public Schools when time allows.

Throughout my studies at the university, I have focused most of my research on supporting adolescent parents both in and outside of the classroom setting.  I look forward to learning how online and blended learning can assist this target audience, who I feel passionate about supporting.  Therefore, one of my main goals in this course is to learn how to provide a platform for adolescent parents to access individual and/or group counselling services while respecting privacy and confidentiality of participants.  Secondly, I would like to utilize and improve the counselling modules that I created under the guidance and supervision of Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose to create an online counselling guide for adolescent parents.  Finally, I would like to collaborate with and learn from the community of learners in EC&I 834 through online platforms that I am still learning so much about such as Twitter & Slack.

I’m looking forward to another great semester with Alec Couros, learning more about online education!


2 thoughts on “Hello EC&I 834!

  1. Kristina Boutilier

    Looking forward to learning with you! I have a young family as well and am currently struggling with what work will look like for me. How are you enjoying being home with the kids?

    1. Kelsey Clauson Post author

      Hey Kristina,
      I loved seeing you put your 7-month-old to sleep during class last Tuesday evening. The flexibility of these online courses can be so helpful for parents. Do you have two children, as well?

      I have really enjoyed my time at home with our girls. I definitely don’t regret the decision to step away from work as it has given our little family lots of time together and opportunities to register them in preschool, take part in community programs, visit family more often, etc. I do try to substitute teach one day per week as a means to “keep my foot in the door” and make a bit of extra cash. After our first child was born, I returned to work half-time and that was really positive too. Working full-time, part-time or resigning temporarily, is not an easy decision. Let me know if you ever want to chat more about it. Good luck with your decisions!


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