Week #8 LP: Perspective Drawing Attempt #3


Weekly Drawing and The Art Academy

This week I did a another Perspective Drawing but this was by a different art teacher. There was no voice in it but they did have writing for the important parts and doing a visual of it at the same time. Even though there was no speaking it was actually one of the easiest videos for me to follow since I started using YouTube to help with my drawing activities. The YouTube channel is called The Art Academy and has 63,000 subscribers along with numerous videos in different drawing categories. I am impressed by this page and will definitely be using it again in the future. One thing that could make there product a little bit better was if there was some voice over at the start of each part of the drawing. In case someone who is having trouble building the houses for example has another thing they could reference to lead them on the right path.

To build the city it starts with a horizontal vanishing point with two lines equal distance off the middle to create a road. The next step is two more diagonal on each side to create a sidewalk. After that, you can draw a line at any spot off the vanishing point for the base of the building. The lines for the wall are made straight off the side of the paper and the roof top is made using the vanishing point. This will be seen in more detail in the video below.

What is Canva?

This week I used Canva to present my drawing process this week. Even though it can be used for many different things, I was happy using it as a video creator that could have text added to it. I like that it has themes that are engaging with music already added to it. I had a little bit of trouble uploading the video up to my blog with out using the 30 day free trail. Overall the process was pretty easy to follow.

  1. Pick a theme
  2. Add desired amount of slides
  3. Add photos to each slide
  4. Add text where needed
  5. Hit the create button and then save it or share it.


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