Danica’s Thoughts on Twitter…

After spending a week on twitter, I think that I am slowly becoming more comfortable with the platform. Twitter is a social media account that I don’t really have much experience with (besides using it to make 10 tweets in my KIN 110 course in 2019). Hashtags are an important part of twitter, and is something that I have never really understood. When I make a tweet I am not always sure which ones I should be using. Another thing that can at times be frustrating, is the 280 character restriction. I find this difficult as I tend to type lots when sharing my thoughts and ideas! Although, having a character limit may be a useful tool as it can help me with communicating my thoughts in a way that is direct and to the point. 

One thing that I find great about twitter is having the ability to connect with others and share resources! Within the last two classes, Dr. Katia Hildebrandt has taught us useful tips and tricks on how to use twitter in an effective way, and because of this, I am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with using this platform on a daily basis. I believe that the more I use twitter, the more I will begin to enjoy all that it has to offer.

An article from Search Engine Journal titled 20 Amazingly Cool Twitter Tricks & Tips shares interesting tips such as how to pin a tweet, keyboard shortcuts, how to save data when using the app, changing the order of your newsfeed and more! The article is designed for business people so some of the tips may not be as useful as others, but I would suggest checking them out.

My thoughts on the live chat: This past Thursday EDTC300 was introduced to the #SaskEdChat. This was an incredible opportunity that I felt fortunate to be a part of. Through this communication, it allowed myself to see the level of support and guidance the teaching community has to offer. The mediator of the discussion was very kind and welcoming. Through the questions that were asked, I felt free to express my opinion and was able to read highly educated, professional teachers’ thoughts. The chat was very fast paced, which made me feel overwhelmed at times, but I think that after a few minutes, I started to get the hang of it! It was also really exciting that so many educators were on the chat all at the same time! The #SaskEdChat has taught me that there is a network of people and resources around me and by using this platform I am able to further educate myself by learning from others. 

An answer expressing my thoughts on student voice #SaskEdChat

Twitter in the classroom: I think that twitter is an excellent tool for teachers that can be used to find resources for educational purposes. A fellow EDTC classmate brought up that twitter can perhaps be used within older grades. As students begin thinking about their future careers they can use twitter as a platform to begin networking. Besides using this tool for older grades, I cannot see twitter being a useful tool to use in the classroom. Social media is often not seen in the classroom, and if students are looking for information on a certain topic, I think google provides that. This being said, I am hopeful that I learn more about twitter which will possibly change my mind on implementing twitter in the classroom.

What are your thoughts on twitter being used by students in the classroom?


After reading the title of this weeks learning project update, you might be thinking… HUH?

This week I spent many hours in the tractor helping my family farm. During this time I thought that I should perhaps look up origami podcasts on Spotify. To my surprise there was a couple of podcasts! The following is a screen shot of what I found when searching.

I decided to listen to a podcast done by Stuff You Should Know titled “Origami: Folding Goodness”. Within this episode the hosts of the show provide the history of origami as well as different tips, tricks, and resources.

What I learned: 

  • to get a good crease when folding, you can use a paper clip
  • Animals are very common to make
  • Modular origami uses different sheets of paper, making the same shape and then bringing them together to make one big shape
  • There are lots of different kinds of origami such as action, jewelry and tessellations.

The podcast recommends that people who are learning Origami should check out an online resource called Paper Kawaii

After listening to the podcast, I then visited the Kawaii website where different resources such as diagrams and video tutorials are available and I decided to focus on this resource for the week. 

Paper I purchased for this project

Next, I purchased a pad of square paper from Walmart and got started on my folding journey. The Paper Kawaii website has a menu titled “beginner” and this is where I started. My first creation was a woven heart! This was fun to create and required two pieces of paper, although mine did not turn out a perfect heart shape, like the video tutorial displayed. Because of this, I tried to make the heart again. The second attempt turned out a little bit better, but I did not have as much paper to work with as what the person doing the tutorial had… I’m thinking I maybe missed a step?

Woven hearts

Next, I decided to create the famous paper crane! This was very simple to create using one square piece of paper! One thing I did notice is that the tail on my cranes sticks straight up, and I would have liked it to have gone a little more outwards, however, I am very happy with the way it turned out!

Paper Cranes

After completing the crane, I moved on to a more difficult shape which was a lotus flower using one piece of paper. I chose to create this shape as I thought it looked beautiful and I was feeling confident with my skills. Turns out, I was feeling a little bit ambitious. I tried four times to create the flower using a tutorial video from the website and each time I ended up ripping the paper and got very confused on what I was supposed to be doing. I then took a step back and decided to create a more simple 8 petal flower that was posted on the website as well. This flower was simple to make and I am proud of the way it turned out.

8 Petal Flower

My sister joined me for an evening this past week and we decided to make hearts. This heart is different than the first woven one I previously created. The one we chose to do used one rectangular piece of paper 15cmx6.2cm. This was my favourite shape to make this week as I found the tutorial to be straight forward, but also added challenge as the folds in the centre are very tiny.


Lastly, I chose to try an intermediate level of difficulty and created a mandarin bird! I had a blast creating these birds, however, the tail was very confusing and took multiple tries to figure out. The first bird I made, the tail was pointing the wrong direction and I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. I decided that I would try again and eventually I figured it out and got the tail to point more upwards which is what the tutorial looked like! I also really like the blue bird as it reminds me of the twitter icon.

Mandarin Bird

The following video shows how I created the paper crane, heart, and blue bird:

Review on the website titled Paper Kawaii: I believe that this is the perfect resource to start out on. The website has many different categories to help you create something of interest to you. I also really appreciated the fact that the website is broken down into levels of difficulty. The tutorials inform the viewer what sizes of paper is appropriate to use, and the size that is being used in the actual video. This is a resource that I could see myself using in the classroom. As a teacher, I would display the videos using a projector or smartboard and have students follow along together.

Tech resources used:

  • Spotify
  • Website: Kawaii w/ embedded YouTube videos
  • iMovie to create video of my creations
  • YouTube to upload video of myself

What I learned: 

  • There are many different kinds of origami
  • This skill is not as easy as one may think
  • Origami takes patience
  • It takes practice (many attempts!) to actually learn the skill

My plan and goals moving into next week:

  • Explore a new platform: Instagram to find tutorials
  • Try using different types of paper (newspaper)
  • Attempt the difficult flower once again and not give up
  • Create more animals to become more confident with folding

Let The Journey Begin!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0910-576x1024.jpeg
Photo of myself!

Hello everyone, my name is Danica Finlay and I am from a small town called Vanguard which is situated on Treaty 4 land in the south west corner of Saskatchewan. Growing up I was raised by my loving parents along side my older brother and younger sister. From the time I was little I have always enjoyed the process of learning and experiencing the “aha” moments I feel when I acquire a new skill or begin to understand a new concept. If you would like to know more about myself, my education journey, and my beliefs, please feel free to explore my website and visit the About Me tab. 

I am very excited to have the opportunity to take part in this spring EDTC 300 course and learn alongside my fellow peers. One thing I have always wanted to do is begin an online blog, but I never knew how to get started. A blog that has inspired me is called  Teach Me Style by Holly Horvath. This lady is a grade 1 & 2 teacher from Regina Saskatchewan and blogs about lifestyle, fashion, family and more! The way she runs her blogs are very professional and engaging. If you are interested in checking her out, I would highly recommend!

 To be honest, I am very nervous beginning this blog as I do not feel confident with technology. Are you as a reader feeling the nerves of beginning a blog as well? 

When thinking about my own education technology experiences, I feel very limited. This being said, I was provided the opportunity to participate in an Early Childhood Education class where I learned how to create a Bitmoji classroom and learning invitations using google slides! This was a valuable learning experience that I know will be implemented within future teachings. 

My Virtual Science Classroom
A learning Invitation I have created!

As I have previously mentioned I really enjoy learning and I know that I have lots to do in this class, which is exciting! My hope is that I create a fun/engaging blog and twitter feed for readers to visit and take interest with as I embark on a path of learning the true values that the world of technology has to offer. Please follow my twitter account @danica_finlay as I will be sure to share different resources that I come across within the next couple months. I am also excited to see what everyone else in my EDTC class has to share 🙂

On that note, I am off to explore the tech world to discover what fun activity/skill I can develop and share with you throughout the remainder of this spring term!

Take care,


Bring on the Folding!

Okay everyone, after many hours spent looking into different activities (I truly mean hours, I am a very indecisive person), I have finally come to a decision to begin working on the skill of oragami

Some of you readers may ask, what is origami? The following definition is what I found when googling this question:

To be completely honest with you, I have always wanted to do this! When I was in grade 3, my teacher read us a story that I will never forget titled Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. This book is about a young girl who was diagnosed with lukemia as a result of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Sadakos goal was to make 1000 paper cranes as a legend said that it would grant her one wish and she wanted to use this wish to help her survive. Sadly, Sadako lost her battle and passed away.

Because of my core memory of being read this story, I have purchased origami paper on two, yes you read that right, TWO different occasions. But did I ever get around to teaching myself this  beautiful way of creating art through paper? Unfortunately, I did not. I have always set it aside/put it off and eventually I gave away my paper to a friend who I knew would use it. FINALLY, because of this class, my day has come to focus in on this skill and take the time to truly learn the techniques. During my journey I will explore a different platform each week such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, apps, websites and possibly podcasts. Am I missing any platform that would have tutorial videos or information? If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 

Through this experience I hope to document my improvements! Wouldn’t it be so cool if by the end of this I can create something SUPER intricate with lots of folds? I would also love to impress my mom and gift her one of my masterpieces (well… hopefully a masterpiece HAHA). I am going to create videos and take pictures throughout my journey that will show you how I created the pieces. I will also be sure to show you the ones that did not work out so well so you can giggle along side me! By making videos I will be able to document the time it takes me to create something, and then I can go back and remake the piece and see if my time improved. I will also try to increase the level of difficulty throughout by using different sizes of paper as well as different types (Newspaper, magazine paper, printer paper)! I think by changing the size and type it will become trickier, what do you think?

The following is a quick overview:

What am I doing?

  • Learning the art of Origami

What are my goals?

  • To learn how to create art using paper and folding techniques
  • To improve the time it takes to create pieces
  • To increase level of difficulty each week
  • To be able to notice improvements!

What Resources will I use? – each week I will be exploring a new resource/platform

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
  • Other apps

What materials will I need?

  • Paper
  • Internet connection
  • Device to access the internet