Who am I?

About Me:

My name is Danica Finlay and I am from Vanguard Saskatchewan. I come from a family of five. My mom, dad, an older brother and a younger sister. For people that know me, I say every day is The Best Day Ever and I say this because even on the worst days you can always find the good. Some days it may be harder than others and those are the days I just have to say, “This is the best day ever because I have a house to live in and a family who supports me”. I want to share my days with children and show them that no matter what, there are always things in life that make days living, the best day ever. Because of who I am today, I am so extremely eager to share my knowledge of this amazing life with others.

Family photo

I was born in Swift Current Saskatchewan, and have always called Vanguard home. At the age of fifteen I left Vanguard and billeted in Regina to pursue my love for figure skating. From ages fifteen to eighteen I lived with a lady and her two kids who are twins! The twins are 10 years younger than me and I absolutely loved living with them and getting to be their big sister. My billet family I consider as my second family and although I no longer live with them, they will always be a big part of my life.

Random Facts:

Birthday: August 15th, 2000

Nicknames: Dan or Dani

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite hobby: Figure skating and Hockey

Favourite food: Ice Cream

Favourite season: Winter