A little sneak peek into my life

Welcome to my first academic blog site!

I have been writing blogs since my high school days but those were based on my day-to-day life. Whenever I travelled to new places or had new food or had read a new book I would just write my thoughts on my personal blog site. I am more of a reading/writing kind of person.

I have completed my Masters in Civil Engineering from India and have four years of experience in teaching undergraduate, high school and underprivileged kids. I have also worked as a curriculum creator at a skill school. I have a keen interest in sharing my knowledge and educating others. I call myself an educator but still at every step of my life I have been learning to become a better teacher.

As soon as I moved to a new country I started learning and exploring myself. Now I am a Master’s student at the University of Regina and also a French language student. Other than being a learner and educator, I love dogs, travelling and reading new books. If I am not teaching, you can always find me catching a flight/train or just running towards new destinations. Or you will find me in a nearby library or a bookstore. I am the kind of person who can read any genre of books, magazines or newspapers.

This is my first class with Alec and my first class which involves blogs and Twitter. I am not a social media-friendly person, even on my Instagram and other platforms I post like once in 6months. I feel that this course will help me to become more friendly with social media. Moreover, I will be able to use my passion for writing and knowledge sharing through these digital mediums that we are using in this course… Looking forward to learning more new digital tools and new skills from you all!!

-Thank You


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