Major Project – Introduction

When I came to Canada and started my Masters I was astonished by seeing my teachers and peers using certain applications for making zoom classes/presentations interesting and interactive. This concept was super new for me. So, I also took some help from them and learned some applications like Pedlet, Mentimeter, Jamboards, Scribjab, etc. I am quick in learning new apps and software but I lack in being a social media-friendly person. I am unaware of new educational and social media apps. I have been using Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn but only for my personal content. I have never tried using it in the context of education.

I come from a civil engineering background and have never used apps for sharing knowledge with students. We have certain designing and calculating softwares but never used applications or social media. This field has certain applications which involve unit conversions, compass, and area measurements. For my major project, I have chosen the “Personal journey into media” option and am planning to review several apps with respect to my field, for class presentations/interactions and also social media.

Firstly, I would like to explore an app that will be helpful for me and my students as a civil engineer. There are many applications available such as unit converters, measure, AR tape measure rulers, etc. but I haven’t decided which one I will review. Hopefully, I will use 2-3 apps for some days and then I will do a deep study of the most useful one. The idea behind this is to help students who lack in mathematics (like me!!!) to complete their measurements/unit conversions easily. Secondly, I am interested in reviewing the pear deck app or Talkwall. I have never used these applications but as I saw its introduction I wanted to learn more about them.

Last but not the least, in context to social media I am planning to learn more about Snapchat or TikTok. I haven’t used both of them. In my country, Tiktok was banned so I have just started using it here in Canada as a scroller only. But I have observed that the younger generation is just obsessed with Snapchat and people are showcasing their talent on Tiktok. I am not a camera-friendly person so, I think I should try to explore any one of these social media applications.

I am new to this world of using applications and social media from an educational point of view. If you all have any thoughts or suggestions please let me know!

-Thank You 🙂


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