I learned a lot!!!

The day when I opted for this course I just didn’t know that it would be so interesting to learn about digital citizenship and literacy. This is my first step toward becoming a digitally literate person and I think there is no turning back now. I had a fear of being a social media-friendly person. I never wanted to or planned to start posting things on social media or any digital platform. I was always running away from this but this course pushed me toward it… I did several things for the first time, using Twitter is one of them. I was afraid of commenting on others’ posts or blogs but this course helped me overcome this as well.

As this was my first class with Alec and my first summary of learning… I tried to do something creative…. I created a video on Animaker…. I have included the things that I learned in this course. As I had to finish this video within 7 minutes, so I talked about only a few things but if I look at myself I have learned a lot. As an educator and an individual, I have learned how to use digital platforms in an ethical manner. Moreover, now I also understood the importance of being present in the digital world.

Hope you liked my video… Thank you for watching…. 🙂

Last but not the least, Thank you, Alec and all my peers for being so helpful every time.


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