Becoming a Teacher

Teachers have become a highly valued profession, but “ the professional independence and responsibility for the conduct of its affairs in return for the profession’s commitment…”(Teachers Professionalism). Being said, becoming a professional comes with the responsibility of setting an example and becoming a leader. When becoming a teacher in Saskatchewan, you are part of the STF and gotta learn and represent the code of professional ethics, and spread your knowledge and at all times act in an ethical manner.

Teachers are set to represent the code of ethics of STF at all times and creating professional relationships. Teachers work with many individuals, colleagues, social workers, students, and much more. “Effective professional relationships are essential”(Teachers Professionalism). Such a quote, really explores the idea of teachers being professional at all times, and creating professional relationships, and supporting many individuals. Teaching is proven to be more than just a profession, teachers are looked upon at all times, and looked at as role models for many individuals.

My responsibility as a student involves understanding the responsibility of becoming a teacher and acknowledging the STF. When moving to Canada, I believed that feeling part of the classroom was gonna be difficult, however it was made easier by the teachers of the STF. Being said, I want to become a role model, and during my time in this program, my responsibility as a student is to further understand the responsibility and code of ethics of the STF.