Who Am I?


My name is Gledi, I was born in Albania. I lived in Albania for ten years and moved to Canada where I have spent my next 8 years. Leaving home was not easy, considering the person I looked up the most to was my grandpa, which the rocky background represents. The cover represents my memories with him and where he always took me to visit his father at a young age. Moving to Canada was something I didn’t understand, leaving my family and friends behind, but later became aware of the opportunity I have been given.

My education started in Albania up till grade four where I had moved to Regina. I began to learn English and make close friends until we moved to Toronto for my grade ten year. We moved for a better life, but starting back to square one was not ideal. Due to my sister and I not enjoying Toronto, we moved back to finish schooling here.

More about me though, I am an outgoing person and very much not shy. I have been playing sports my entire life, and making new friends. I’m a math major in education and minoring in physical education. I’m looking forward to teaching and learning for generations to come.