A Pattern That Doesn’t Succ

While trying to decide on patterns for my learning project, I was thinking about things I like and am interested in that I would like to have displayed in my home or my future classroom. This week I settled on succulents. My plan for this project is to create a cross stitch that I can hang behind my collection of plants at home. Luckily, I was able to find a free online pattern that was manageable for my ability level.

Below you can see my completed cross stitch as well as the colour example of what it is supposed to look like. I found it easier to follow the pattern online rather than having a physical copy of the pattern. This project really opened my eyes to all of the resources on the internet for cross stitching and the incredible patterns that are simple to access.

My completed cross stitch.
The sample pattern from SmartCrossStitch.com

3 thoughts on “A Pattern That Doesn’t Succ

  1. Wow Grace! This looks great! I really love the title of this blog as it instantly drew me in and gave me a giggle when I saw the pun. Great work! I liked your point about finding other online sources. It’s crazy how many ways we can learn now with so many options online.

  2. Grace,
    What a great idea to pick a pattern that you could display in your house! I think I heard somewhere that you should always have a piece of art in your house that you created. You should be very proud of your final result, I think it looks great! I hope with all of this going on that you have enough supplies to keep going with your learning project.
    Keep up the great work,

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