Final post… Major Project!!

It’s unbelievable, Our class #eci832 is completed. It’s been a great journey and I am surely looking forward to having more classes from Alec. For my Major Project, I chose option 2; Personal Journey into Media, and indeed its been an amazing journey and this journey is not ending, I am going to continue using different apps that I chose for my project and also will be exploring more apps and will be using it as well. For my Summary of Learning, I have used Padlet; even though I have been working with that app previously, I found it to be very neat and clean in explaining concepts and for my Final Post as well I am using Padlet and will talk about the different apps which I have using for my Major Project.

you are lovely!°•* — °•☆ still here, still learning, still growing ☆•°

Finally, I have collated a few points and also added a link to blog posts that talked about my Major project in a padlet. Also, you can use the following bar code for opening the padlet for my final post.

QR code for this padlet

I am so happy and lucky to be a part of this course #eci832. Thank you so much, everyone, It’s been great to have you all in a peer group.

Until next time,

Gunpreesh Kaur

2 thoughts on “Final post… Major Project!!

  1. I love the idea of using Padlet as a Summary of Learning. I think it’d be cool to add all the apps you learned about to your Padlet here, and continue adding to it throughout your journey. Having all that information in one place would be great. I hope we cross paths again, good luck Gunpreesh!

  2. Hi Gunpreesh,
    Padlet looks so interesting. It is a great option to keep all of your information organized. I am going to check this out for my journey. I loved reading your blogs and you were very intentional in your learning. Thanks for sharing, and all the best down the road.

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