The proverbial finish line (spoiler: there’s no medal)

Well, the time has come to summarize my learning experience with learning to run for fun. Here is a breakdown of some of the things I learned throughout this process: 

Social media as a teacher and culture of sharing 

One thing this project and this course has taught me is how valuable social media is in learning a new skill. It doesn’t matter what platform you look at, there is content made by every kind of person for every type of learning you can fathom. I stuck to Tik Tok as my main resource for this project and there was endless amounts of information and advice. I found that Tik Tok embodied the notion of culture of sharing we discussed in class. Yes, there are a million videos that say the same thing, but who cares because that just means there is a wealth of sharing and that is amazing. When learning something and using social media resources, I really like that you could stumble upon a couple accounts that really resonate with you or you could learn from a different person every time.  


Ride the rollercoaster 

I have mentioned it before, but you just have to ride the rollercoaster when learning a new skill. Any process that is challenging enough and meaningful is not a linear process. I typically had one good and one bad running day per week. I had multiple days when I did not want to run at all but ran anyways. Although I have come to enjoy running, I felt like the hard days increased near the end of the project; my calendar was so full that it would have been easier to not run or to waste my energy on running. I will say though, I don’t regret a single run that I went on or wish I had spent my time differently.  

Learning is not linear

Tik Tokking 

Ricky Bobby awkwardly doesn't know what to do with his hands

In logging some of my progress and process through Tik Tok, I have been introduced to some skills that have helped in producing content. I still feel a bit awkward about making Tik Toks because I don’t really know what I’m doing still. I mean, I know how to put them together, but I don’t really know the trends or what style of a Tik Tok works best for particular content, etc. Ricky Bobby knows what I’m talking about. Needless to say, I don’t think I will be an influencer anytime soon (unless we can start making $ in Canada doing it, in which case I’m on board…I’m kidding…sort of…). 



I have listed some of my major takeaways from this learning project below.  

 Points of self-awareness
-I like being accountable to a running partner
-I enjoy being outside more (not that I didn’t before, but now it is where I spend as much time as I can)
-I am a better runner at night
-I am a better runner with music because I naturally increase my pace to keep beat which has earned me a personal best during a few weeks ago (that I have since beat again)
-I have a singular focus when running and am incapable of remember that I need to take picture/record some content
-I am slow but consistent in my progression  

-running on a treadmill (you can’t change pace like you can outside and its boring because there’s nothing to look at or distract you)
-it has undone all hair wash training I’ve done
-running with a stroller
-there is no crowd waiting for me when I return from a run to hand me a medal and cheer for me (I guess I have to enter a race to get that reception)  

What it has left me with 

This learning project has left me with a sense that I can learn anything I want to because of the teachers I have available at my fingertips. There truly isn’t much of an excuse to not learn something I’m interested in. It has also left me with a sense of accomplishment because I did what I set out to do. I feel accomplished after every run, when I hit the little goals I set for myself, and when I don’t allow myself to succumb to the pull of not running.  

Final tally 

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats to see if I am close to my 58k June goal. Well, I am proud to say that so far in the month of June I have stuck to my pace of 13 km per week to make it to my goal of 58 km for the month. This was no easy feat. In the past 3 weeks I have been beyond busy with wrapping up 3 spring classes (I don’t suggest taking this on), being home with an infant and 4-year-old, planning and hosting a 4-year-old birthday party, attending weddings, etc.  


Although we have crossed the finish line for learning projects and this class, there is no line to cross in building a positive habit rather evolution and self-satisfaction. Thank you for following along my journey of learning to run!  

Runners running towards the finish line. Success concept.


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