I had asked a few people about this course and they said the best part was the learning project, so I immediately starting thinking of things I wanted to learn before class even started. I had a few key elements that I made my personal requirements for this:
A) it couldn’t cost me money – I’m on mat leave and tuition isn’t going down, so IYKYK
B) it must benefit my body because I spend a lot of time sitting for both parenting and as a student and I am feeling the effects of that
C) it had to help me carve time out for myself (in addition to all the hours I spend on classes)
D) knowing how Katia’s class helped me with ideas to integrate into the classroom, it had to be a skill that led to something I could potentially use in the classroom once I return 

Here is what I landed on: Dually, I am going to learn how to create Tik Tok videos while learning the hobby of running. Runner athlete running on sunrise road


Running may be interpreted as a goal (wanting to run a 10k, quicker pace, etc.), but for me it is a legitimate skill that I don’t have that I want to study/learn about.  



To organize my own thoughts and to give you better insight in order to give me some feedback, here are my 5W’s and H (I can’t help it, I’m an English teacher):  

Who: Most importantly, ME. I’m also going to have a couple of friends along this journey. My neighbour and her dog are going to be my running buddies. Me neighbour will double as my videographer/photographer at times too. I’m also going to rely on Tik Tok and other social media platforms to learn from for running tips and tricks. I’m going to seek some in-person advice as well (maybe Running Room, or other local experts). For creating Tik Toks, I’ll dive into the belly of the beast to learn from. I will also use Canva to do some creating.  

Young woman Live Streaming by phoneWhat: I am going to learn to run for fun (something I never thought I’d say aloud) and track my process and progress by creating Tik Toks (another thing I never thought I’d say aloud). The point is to increase my abilities and enjoyment of running while being completely vulnerable in learning “how to Tik Tok”.  

Where: Outside will be my playground. I have a treadmill for when the weather decides otherwise. My Tik Tokking skills will be worked on from the comfort of my couch 😊  

When: my running buddies and I will practice every Tuesday and Thursday. The Tik Tok creation will have to be timely after my week’s runs so I stay up to date with tracking my process. 

1) I need and want to have a hobby for myself. It is easy to get lost in motherhood and while I love spending time with my kids, taking time for myself will only make me a better mom.
2) it’s for my physical and mental health and keeps me accountable for moving my body
3) it is building a different branch of the relationship I have with my neighbour
4) I will learn a new tech skill which exercises my brain after I exercise my body 

How: A lot of practice – both of running and of making Tik Toks. Also, I have to be willing to not be good at either in order to get better. Logistically speaking, twice per week, we will run for 30 minutes, but the process (walking, running, stretching) will take about 45-50 minutes per session. This will be the easy part (she says as she is completely out of breath after 3 km). I will have to do a lot of learning in terms of the techniques to improve my running capabilities. I will also have to do a lot of learning in terms of content creating through watching videos of how to make videos.  

Female standing over a message saying I CAN DO THIS

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