tânisi! kinanâskomitin kâ-nâkatohkâtaman nitatoskêwin ôma Eportfolio! mahti iyinamawin ta-atamiskâtân. Jayden (wapi-muskwa) Tokar-Katz nitisiyihkâson (wiya). nimasinahên niwîhowin ê-âpacihtâyân parenthesis ayisk êkwa anima nitahcahko-wîhowin ôma niya.

Translation: Hi there! Thank you for taking an interest in my professional ePortfolio! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jayden (Whitebear) Tokar-Katz (He/Him). I include the name in the parenthesis because that is my traditional Nehiyawiwin name.

I would describe myself as a visionary. Throughout my ePortfolio, you will see a vision of a world in which people of all backgrounds and identities can come together and live, laugh and love.

I am: empathetic, compassionate, motivated, determined, understanding, agreeable, good natured, friendly, sincere, humorous, congenial.

Through all these characteristics, I am proud to say I will bring this world I have envisioned to my classroom and symbiotically pass it on to my students so that they, too, can help make this world a reality.

For a detailed analysis of my background and the events that have led to where I am, see the autobiography essay under the resources menu.