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“Simply” Not Enough

See what I did there? As I said last week I explored Simply Piano

There are several good things about Simply Piano, it teaches you basic notes and chords, it listens to you play and more but quite honestly I find it a bit too basic and does not really align with my way of learning. Looks like I will have to find more resources to learn from.

In my pursuit of looking for additional resources, I found a video on YouTube from a channel called “Become a Piano Superhuman” In this video the gentleman outlines the notes on the piano and teaches a basic note sequence that can be used in several ways to produce beautiful rhythms. I found this resource exceptionally helpful as it refreshed my memory on the location of the notes on the piano and doing the rhythm sequence helped my finger dexterity. When I did play piano in the past the biggest thing I struggled with was using both hands. If you try and make your hands do different things at the same time it is notoriously difficult. It is like your brain is trying to push a square through a triangle aha!

I think next week I am going to explore more videos about teaching piano from this author and see what else there is to learn. I also want to buy this book called “Piano for dummies”. while not an online resource I find these books helpful when learning new things. Actually just as I went to grab the link for that book I found another book that might be helpful called “Music Theory for Dummies” I will update everyone next week if I decide to purchase that book as well.


  1. Yahya El-Darieby

    I heard that Simply Piano is a good learning resource for people wanting to learn the piano as beginners!! There are many great resources out there that you can find. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Good Luck!

  2. Justine David

    It’s great that you tried out Simply Piano even if you decided it didn’t give you enough to work with because now, you know where you stand! I do think that this resource isn’t the best resource to teach you piano/music theory, but it is a good one for those who want to start playing around with the mechanisms of a piano and learning that pressing keys leads to making sounds. I hope you are able to find another resource that encompasses theories along with practical learning opportunities. Books are still great resources! Maybe you can find videos and articles relevant to the content of those books. I’m sure that somewhere on the big web, someone has tried testing some of the wisdom from “Piano for Dummies” and has insights that could improve your learning project.

  3. Ashley Kormos

    I like that you included some positive aspects of Simply Piano while acknowledging that it doesn’t fit your learning style/goals!
    The title of that YouTube channel makes it sound promising, and I hope that your learning style is more catered to with it.
    I agree that using both hands gets tricky for piano, and remembering where the notes are (even when sheet-reading) is also magic to me.
    Good luck with your ‘Dummies’ books,

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