I believe everyone inherently is deserving of respect. Regardless of how they look, how they talk, and how they represent themselves. What religion they believe in or where they are from.

PedagogyI believe teachers exist to serve a benevolent purpose, that is, every child and youth deserves a good quality education. In my classroom, I will hold myself to the highest of standards that is the teaching profession to ensure my students receive the highest standards of an educational experience

Lifelong Learning – I believe humankind has an inherent duty as beings of self-awareness and intelligence to nurture our planet and the animals that inhabit it, In my classroom, I will ensure that the learning environment is centered around environment-friendly activities and encourage my students to think about their environmental footsteps.

Social Justice  – I believe to tolerate is to perpetuate. In my classroom, I will take a proactive approach to dismantling discriminatory ideologies and methods so that every student is guaranteed a safe and hospitable classroom.

I believe that teaching is not restricted to the profession. Instead, everyone has the capacity to do so.

I believe a good student-teacher relationship is critical to a productive classroom. 

I believe that Indigenous ways of knowing are fundamental to the pedagogy.

I believe everyone should feel respected, acknowledged and included in the classroom. 

I believe humour is an effective strategy for creating a warm, relatable environment.

I believe the use of power has been significantly misused in the past. 

Assessment – I believe students have unique ways of learning, and they have to be respected to nurture their potential. In my classroom I will use several different instructional strategies to ensure every students educational needs are met to unleash their full potential

I believe students should be allowed to be innovative in the classroom.

I believe decisions are best made when all parties concerned are well informed. 


Jayden tokar-katz