Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.

Sitting bull

One of my heroes, Chief Sitting Bull, was a sagacious, intelligent man who had dreams for his family, community, and people. During the American-Indian wars, the Euro-American government was sent to arrest Sitting Bull and, in so doing, pre-maturely killed him, with that his ambitions were cut short.

That quote by Sitting Bull follows my preferred educational philosophy—Problem Posing. Problem-posing education is a term coined by Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. In problem-posing education, students and teachers collaborate to identify and investigate, and solve real-world problems, encouraging students to think critically and analytically about their world and society. Unlike the traditional “banking model of education” where students are seen as empty vessels to be filled with knowledge by the teacher. Problem-posing education positions students and teachers as co-creators of knowledge. By using this approach students are empowered by actively engaging in their education, giving them the opportunity to think critically and arrive at their own conclusions and opinions.