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Looking Back at the Learning Project

So I have been practicing the piano for several weeks now, currently grinding to learn that song I mentioned in my first post, the piano rendition of Stay by Kid Laroi. I am encountering an issue when trying to learn it though. This issue was a problem for me when I played piano several years ago and again it rears its ugly head to block forward progress for me. That issue is the ambidextrous nature of the piano. Combining both my hands is just a neurological connection my brain refuses to make!

I have tried learning both hands individually and then combining them but I have to focus on one hand at a time. If I focus on my right then my left either lags behind or cannot find the proper chord to play so this week I am going to try and find practice methods to working with both hands simultaneously.  To that end, I found this video on YouTube explaining and demonstrating several exercises to (hopefully) become more adept at becoming ambidextrous on the piano

I will update next week on my ambidextrous progress


  1. Ashley Kormos

    This was always the most difficult part for me too: hands working individually simultaneously. It’s really tricky, I wonder if getting muscle memory to take care of one hand while you focus more on the other could harbour success? I know you said the one kind of lags behind, but I dunno.
    I wish you luck in your practice,

  2. Zach Hirshmiller

    I can’t imagine trying to play piano and as you say the ambidextrous nature of piano might actually kill me. My brain can barely comprehend how to do one thing at once. Also I’m hoping you get the hang of this cause I would love to hear the piano rendition of stay. On another of topic note, a new Kid Laroi album just came out and I thought I should drop that.

  3. Joshua Wagner

    I understand the frustrating “ambidextrous nature” feeling. Although I don’t have this problem with the piano, I can’t comprehend how drummers do it. Every time I had the opportunity to go behind the drum kit, I understood the hand portion but could never get the leg portion. How drummers are able to coordinate all 4 of their limbs is fascinating.
    The video you provided is a good starting point. Slow, steady and consistent practice always yields results. I’d encourage you to keep trying to put both parts together, even if there are some mistakes. Its similar to learning how to type with the keyboard without looking at it or using a brand new video game console controller. As much as its said repeatedly, it does get easier over time. Best of luck!

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