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Video Games – Good or Bad?

Honestly, when it comes to technology, my biggest use is my PlayStation 5. Not only do I use it for playing video games but I also watch YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc., I mostly play competitive shooters like Overwatch or Valorant but I try and play good single-player story games that come out like Spider-Man 2 which comes out next month

Growing up and to this day I spend the vast majority of my downtime playing video games. To me it is fun and it is really that simple. It is a place where I can socialize and interact with my friends and live vicariously through the game. Some people get lost in books, and some people get lost in movies and TV, for me, it is video games as nerdy as it sounds.  I almost hate to it admit because I do not see myself as “nerdy” or even feel like I give off a “nerdy” vibe, maybe I do, I have no idea. I personally feel like I give off a more sporty vibe because I am also very into sports both playing and watching. If you saw my first blog post you would see that side of me.

Throughout high school, I was not much of a “partier” per se. I remember one time my dad expressed his concern over me playing video games but said ” I would rather you enjoy time playing video games than going and drinking and getting into that mess” So while I do play a lot of video games and spend a lot of time doing so it is just to alleviate boredom and I learned in my drug education class that boredom is a potential risk factor for developing other issues. I definitely think I could spend more time being productive in other areas but if video games work for me I guess it works.

When it comes to academia, the university is really the first place where I started using technology for the purposes of school work, there was the occasional slideshow or collage in high school or elementary but that was the extent of it. University started using Grammarly and had to get used to UR courses and emails etc.


  1. Dalin Cyr

    Video games are good! they kept me out of trouble a lot but they also kept me out of school too. I feel the same way you do about video games but at times I feel it’s the addiction talking (Personal feeling) Game Freak or not. Video games are a great way to meet people around the world and honestly you have healthier conversations than you would on toxic social media. There is barely drama in Video games and there is a wide variety of options to go to all from one place!
    Its nice to meet you Jayden! and its been a pleasure reading and relating to your blog,

  2. Sarah Fradette

    My family was not well off when I was growing up, but one year, as a gift for having straight A’s, I got a Super Nintendo–by the time I got it, it was already old, but I didn’t care. What I loved about having Super Nintendo is that when I had friends or cousins over, it was fun to do together, especially during the winter. While I no longer game at all, I can see their value in connecting people worldwide and as a positive outlet for those who may have sought to alleviate boredom elsewhere.

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