Learning How to Cook: My First Steps

Learning How to Cook: My First Steps

Over the course of the semester, I have cooked a new meal every week for my learning project in EDTC300. This process has been a fantastic learning experience! I was able to use recipes from the internet and my mom to cook various different meals. Before starting my learning project I could not cook very much on my own. Now I feel a lot more confident in my cooking ability. That being said, I am still very new to cooking and have a ton to learn. I feel like my learning project has given me a great foundation that I can build on. I have found that cooking is very much a trial and error process and that you can’t be afraid to make mistakes. I was able to use images, Live Photos, and TikTok to document my project from week to week. For inspiration I used my moms cookbooks, articles on Feedly, and Twitter to alter and create new recipes. Here is an overview of all of things I cooked, and the tools I used to enhance/document my learning:

Week 1: My Cooking Journey: Introduction to my Learning Project

  • Introduction to my learning project and level of cooking experience
  • I made tacos using moms recipe and the Old El Paso taco kit instructions
  • Started documenting progress through Photos
Myself and the Tacos I made

Week 2: My Experience making Hamburgers!

  • Made Burgers using a basic recipe (read tips on Twitter about cooking meat along with getting some help from my Dad)
  • Documented my cooking by taking a photo of my finished product
Myself and the Burger I made

Week 3: Cooking Waffles and using TikTok!

  • Cooked Waffles, Eggs, Bacon, and Hash Browns
  • Made a TikTok video showing how I made Waffles: Here is My TikTok Video
  • Once again took a photo to show my final product
Myself and the Waffles I made

Week 4: Learning How to Cook Steak

  • Made Steak, Baby Potatoes, and Caesar Salad
  • Used an online resource called How to Grill Steak, Step by Step for assistance
  • Took a photo of final product to document my meal
Myself and the Steak I cooked

Week 5: Trying to Cook Lasagna!

  • Made lasagna using my moms own recipe
  • Used photos to document my work
  • Reflection on my cooking process and documentation
Myself and the Lasagna I made

Week 6: Cooking Homemade Pizza!

  • Cooked Homemade Pizza
  • Used my moms recipe for reference
  • Used Kraft Dough Mix (recommended on Twitter) to create thin crust
  • Used Live Photos to document each cooking step
Myself and the Pizza I made


The past 7 weeks have taught me a lot about not only cooking, but about how to be prepared and have a plan. My learning project has taught me that organization, the use of online resources, adapting on the fly, and time management are important, not only for a cook, but also for a teacher. These are skills that will help me create lesson plans, understand where students are coming from, and make class more interesting. Now that my learning project is now over I still plan on making meals and using the skills I have learned. I also plan on using online resources like YouTube, Feedly, TikTok, and more to make future classes I teach more interesting. Looking back on my experience, I am very thankful I was able to participate in our learning project assignment. I think it has not only helped me learn a new skill, but gave me a new outlook on how I should approach teaching and the use of online resources. Through cooking I experienced success and failure and was able to adapt to new circumstances. I think this will help me learn how to overcome failures, and continue to learn how to become a better teacher!

Credit for Cover Photo: Maarten van den Heuvel via Pexels

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