My Contribution to the Learning of Others

My Contribution to the Learning of Others

As I finish EDTC 300, I would like to highlight some of the many interactions I’ve had with others on Blog posts, Twitter, and Discord. In EDTC 300 I have been very fortunate to participate in an active learning community that was eager to get involved in educational conversations. Over the semester I have met many new people through online interactions, and learned new things about teaching from articles and conversations. I have read and commented on blogs, shared articles and responded to others on Twitter, and asked questions in the class discord. While doing this I have learned a lot by reading what others are saying and reflecting on myself as an educator. Here are just a few of the many interactions I’ve had with my classmates, current teachers, and others!

1) Blog Comments

I have enjoyed posting and commenting on blogs throughout the semester. Posting about different topics and sharing my thoughts has allowed for my classmates to comment and respond to me. Commenting on others blogs has allowed me to read what others have to say, learn new things, and interact with new people!

Here are some of my comments on my classmates blogs:

2) Twitter Interactions

Interacting with others on Twitter has allowed me to contribute to educational conversations, share new and interesting ideas, and meet many new people. I have been posting as much as I can on my Twitter. This has allowed people to read and respond to me, and reflect on how they view things. I have also participated in both SaskEdChat and BCEdChat which allowed me to contribute to important conversations with new people. Lastly, I have been reading and responding to fellow educators posts, providing my thoughts, feelings, and any questions I had. Here are some examples of my contributions on Twitter:

My responses to some of the questions in SaskEdChat and BCEdChat:

Some responses to my posts on Twitter:

One of my responses to a classmates post:

Here is the link to my Twitter to view more of my interactions with other educators!

3) Posting on Discord

Using discord for EDTC 300 has been great as students were able to ask and answer questions, post resources, and talk amongst each other. Here is a question I posted that a couple of my classmates responded to!


I would like to thank Katia, all of my classmates, and the educators I have interacted with over the course of the semester. Being able to contribute to the learning of others, and learning from other people, has left me feeling like I am a part of a community. The online education community has been very supportive and welcoming. This class has taught me that contributing to online discussions with others is important so we can grow as educators!

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