The Use of Technology in the Classroom: Why is it important?

The Use of Technology in the Classroom: Why is it important?

Technology is constantly evolving and changing everyday. Information is now more accessible than ever. New generations of students are beginning to not know a time where technology was not an essential part of our world. For the future of schools this means that teachers will need to continue to embrace technology and adapt to the constantly changing landscape. Instead of shying away from the use of technology, it is essential that schools teach and promote positive use of the internet to further learning. Teachers will need to educate students on digital etiquette, literacy, and laws. Technology can create new ways of learning for students. New programs and software can encourage creativity, and allow for collaboration that was not previously possible. Using resources, such as google docs, to collaborate on projects with other classmates is one of the ways technology has improved the way students learn. Technology can also be a distraction and take away from learning. Here is a fantastic YouTube video I found talking about the impact of technology on the classroom:

This week in EDTC 300 we watched a video made by Micael Wesch talking about the endless possibilities and some of the drawbacks of using technology. Using technology in the classroom can be a fantastic tool for teachers. When used correctly, technology can improve learning and encourage creativity. It is important for teachers to know when to incorporate the use of technology in the classroom. Allowing students to use technology can make students feel more engaged and promote creativity. When I was in high school, I felt more engaged in what I was learning when I was given the opportunity to use technology to research and create presentations. Technology may also cause problems in a school as students can easily become distracted while on the internet, and cyberbullying can occur. Distractions, such as online games, can cause students to fall behind in class and waste valuable learning time. Cyberbullying is also a problem that can occur online. In class we learned about Amanda Todd, a girl that took her own life because she was being bullied for nude photos that were posted on the internet. Technology is a great tool for learning but users need to be careful about how they act, what they say, and what they post on the internet. Schools need to continue to promote the positive use of technology in the classroom, and encourage teachers to integrate new technologies into their lessons.

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2 thoughts on “The Use of Technology in the Classroom: Why is it important?

  1. I had the chance to look at the resources you shared on Twitter and found that hearing all the different positive and negative points for having technology in the classroom to be really interesting and allowed me to learn some different lessons. Having the chance to learn more on your blog was really nice as the all hyperlinks you have shared contribute to the wider scope of technology in the classroom.

  2. Hi Jeron,
    Let me start by saying I like the layout of the post. That is the image, video and hyperlinks make it look really cool. I agree that using technology in the classroom improves students’ creativity. It develops students’ digital knowledge.

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