My Experience making Hamburgers!

My Experience making Hamburgers!

For week #2 of my learning project I decided to make hamburgers, corn on the cob, and noodles for supper. I used my moms simple recipe and read some interesting tips on Twitter talking about how to cook a good tasting burger!

Ingredients: The ingredients I used to make the burger patties were, 1lb extra lean ground beef, 1 egg, and a 1/2 cup of seasoned panko crumbs. I then mixed together the ingredients and shaped them into burgers to cook. As the patties were cooking, I sliced up tomatoes, lettuce and buns. I also cooked pasta noodles using the recipe provided on the package, and boiled the corn on the cob. Next I assembled the burgers, adding mayo, ketchup, and cheese. I finished preparing the noodles and corn and had my family try the meal.

Results: This meal was a bit more difficult than last weeks (tacos) as I slowly progress to cook more difficult foods. After making this meal I now feel more confident in my ability to properly cook the meat. Overall I think the product turned out well as my family enjoyed the food, and I did not mess up any of the directions or overcook the meal.

Myself and the Meal I Made For Supper

Credit for cover photo: Valeria Boltneva via Pexels

3 thoughts on “My Experience making Hamburgers!

  1. This is awesome Jeron, everyone has to start somewhere. It can always be challenging making burgers because you can’t see the inside and are unsure what they will taste like, I think you took a huge step for your second meal and its great that you are trying new recipes and sharing them with your family. Good luck with the rest of your learning project! Can’t wait to see what you cook up!

  2. Jeron as someone who can not cook, I’m very proud of you. The more I view your blogs the more I want to learn too but still yet to try. Learning to cook meat seems challenging since you can only see the outside. I also find it impressive you are cooking and doing things on the side while the patties are cooking. Being said, Cheff Jeron continue cooking up different foods, looking forward to your next blog. Good Luck!

  3. this is so awesome that your doing a learning project on learning to cook different meals. I enjoyed reading your post about making homemade burgers and using your moms recipe which it is always the best when it comes to from the parents. Some meals may be simple and others may be challenging to make but it is the work that is put into the meal (yes making sure the meal is cooked well) and the company that counts and it is amazing that your family was a part of your learning process in cooking and tasting. Good luck in your learning process and learning new recipes and you’ll do great!!

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