My Cooking Journey: Introduction to my Learning Project

My Cooking Journey: Introduction to my Learning Project

Welcome to my blog! It’s all about my journey learning how to cook various meals! For awhile I’ve wanted to learn how to cook new things. I feel like cooking is an important skill that everyone should learn to become more well rounded and independent. I am very excited to expand my very limited knowledge and make some (hopefully) good food for my family and I.

When I first heard we needed to pick an activity for our learning project, my mind instantly went to cooking. I have a very limited knowledge about how to cook and am looking to expand and improve on what I know about making/preparing meals. As someone who recently graduated high school, this is an important skill for me to expand upon in order to become more self sufficient. I am someone who is very active and conscious about the amount of calories I am consuming. This means that I am limited in what types of foods I eat. So the more healthy and tasty foods I can learn how to cook, the better! I am currently not the best cook by any means, so I am eager to begin this journey and improve.

I plan to start out with easier meals, such as tacos, and then progress to more difficult ones throughout the class. I plan to use my moms cookbooks and recipes, along with recipes found off of the internet. Having access to a variety of recipes will give me a guide to what I am doing and allow me to plan for what ingredients I need. I have decided to take pictures with each meal I make for my blog, showing how my food turned out. I decided to try a practice meal and made tacos for supper!

The Tacos I made for supper

Credit for cover photo: John Guccione via Pexels

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