Blog Post #3 Our We Using Technology Too Much?

I am of the age where I have always seen cell phones, they may have been flip phones and blackberries but they were still cell phones. I grew up learning how to type in class and how to use word, excelpowerpoint, and all of our other favorites. I have learned almost all of my schooling with the help of technology. I have learned to cite work from any website I wanted but never learned how to cite from a book. I see how technology is very helpful and has helped our society grow in many ways, but I also see how it has affected our society. I don’t have all of the answers and would be lying if I said I could give up technology cold turkey. I do know if our answers won’t be found by going cold turkey with technology, but I don’t think the answers will be found in technology alone. 

Call me an old soul, but I think there is merit in keeping technology limited in the classroom. I don’t know if limited is the best word because I do think new ways of technology and learning should be in the classroom but so should old ways. As a child who grew up with the rise of technology, I feel the effects. I look back on my schooling and wish we learned outside more or had more hands-on experiences. Technology will always be in the classroom and I have no problem with that. We need to be teaching what is present, but I think we need to use it in moderation. Maybe not even moderation but with good intent behind it, not just looking up things on google but using it to connect with people or places we can’t meet or see in person. As Michael Wesch says in An anthropological introduction to YouTube “It’s not just about information but it’s actually about linking people and it’s about linking people in ways that we’ve never been linked before.” (Wesch,00:06:33-00:55:33). The idea of using the internet and technology in this way is not new but I think it gives a different light as a way of thinking in the classroom.  

I know technology is going to be in my life forever and I do use it everyday, but I still have the fear that technology is being overused. 


Wesch, Micheal “An anthropological introduction to YouTube”, July 26, 2008,

My first Blog post! All about me!

Hello classmates,

I am Jesa Colliness, I have always had a love for children and helping them learn. I have also always loved playing hockey and riding horses. I have continued to play hockey and ride horses. I play on a rec hockey team here in Regina called the No Regretzkies. The team has become like a family to me, I spend a lot of time with them in the rink. I am also Miss Rodeo Estevan. I had the opportunity to compete against two amazing girls. Being Miss Rodeo Estevan means a lot to me, I have always tried to be a part of my community and inspire girls chase their dreams. Winning rodeo queen is much more than just winning a crown, it is being a person in the community who upholds the utmost respect for myself and being a happy face people can be have friendly conversations with.

Me and my hockey team

Me winning my belt buckle

 I have used my blog for a couple of semesters now. At first I was having a hard time navigating the website and all of the helpful functions, but as the semesters pushed on I started to get the hang of it. I don’t think I would say I am a pro by any means, but I know enough that I offered to help a friend in the class start up her blog. In the begin of my blog journey I was not the biggest fan. Then idea sharing my words with my class gave me a bit of anxiety, but I found that all of my classmates were kind and helpful. Now I feel no anxiety posting my words for all to see. I welcomed the idea of it this time, I knowing that I had the tools to post with confidence.