Sarah Maker and the Magic Circle

This week, I worked on basic crochet skills and focused on a magic circle.  I found a website called Sarah Maker that has all kinds of information about crochet!


I used her tutorial on how to crochet a magic ring, linked here.

I found some of the instructions confusing.  It is hard to read words and understand what the instructions mean.  The pattern I chose is a written pattern, so Sarah Maker has a lot of information explaining what each of the words in the pattern mean.  I referenced Sarah maker frequently to understand what the pattern was telling me to do!  As far as actually accomplishing the stitches, I did find it difficult to understand what exactly I was supposed to do, and made quite a few dysfunctional magic rings before giving up and going to a different educational resource.


Sarah Maker was great for understanding the coding in crochet patterns, and learning what types of yarns and hooks to get.  I also enjoyed how she explained some things and found some interesting patterns from this site!

She has a tutorial of six basic crochet stitches, pictured here

I found the pictures very helpful for understanding where my hook should go and what each stitch should look like!


Here are some pictures of my Magic Circle Progress – it took me a good 10 tries before I could make something that I was happy with!

I am pretty happy with my progress this week!  I am going to find some other resources and hopefully be finished my whale for the next post 🙂

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