Learning Project Number 5

For this next project I wanted to try something different!
For my whales, I chose a printed pattern, and used support from Youtube videos for individual directions and stitches.
This made me curious about what it would be like to use a Youtube pattern and follow the video from start to finish. I chose the following video to make a cute little turtle 🙂

Here is how it turned out:


I made a little tiktok of my turtle, to try something new. 

Here are some pictures as well.


Overall, I LOVED following a video!  Her voiceover had SO many bits of information that I didn’t know before.  I learned my whales were INSIDE OUT (which is fine, and they look cute but now I actually know!) I learned about sewing pieces together, and how to pull thread through a stuffy so that it is hidden instead of sticking out randomly.  My little front legs are a little crooked but all in all… ADORABLE… and I’m so happy with how this one turned out.  I plan on doing a second turtle for my friend’s daughter’s birthday present.

One thought on “Learning Project Number 5

  1. Oh my goodness the turtle is so incredibly cute! As someone who crochets I also love to use video tutorials for patterns and honestly no matter how advanced you are the visual aids are always a massive help. Although I don’t really make a lot of amigurumi I know there is an awesome fiber craft community on Youtube. There are also many amazing groups on Facebook for crochet and I find them super helpful for tips and tricks. I wish you well in your crocheting journey and hope you get to make many more super cute little animals!!

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