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Feeding Me Articles with Feedly

Feedly is a really great resource for finding articles and posts related to specific topics. It is a website that allows me to follow other websites and blogs, and have easy access to their content. They also make it super easy to share resources with others.

At first I wasn’t sure about which blogs to follow. I started by searching with keywords like EDTC, edtech, edchat, ed resources, and other common educational hashtags. From there I would look at the website and take a look at the type of articles that they put out and the topics that they are on. In addition, I was browsing through twitter and saw posts from some of my classmates that had really good articles, that were from blogs that I did not yet follow. So, I would search Feedly for the blog and then follow so I could also have quick access to their content. Suggestions from other classmates are super helpful in finding great articles. If they find good articles that relate to them, chances are the content will relate to me as well.

TeachThought was one source that I got from a classmate on twitter. I really liked the article that they shared. The articles TeachThought post are about how to better yourself as a teacher, how to help your students enjoy learning, digital citizenship and so many more education topics that relate to everything I want to read about. Moreover, every article was encouraging for students and teachers alike. It really pushed helping each other out as teachers, which is super important.

The other blog I liked a lot was Emerging Educational Technologies. This blog puts out about 1 article a week, but it is all about different technologies you can use in the classroom, how to use it properly, and safely (it gave safety tips for protecting information on the web). especially now, with so much being online, I think this is such a good resource to have available, and I think it will be able to teach me a lot about being online and using online resources.

This is my Feedly, open to my ETDC list of resources. On the left side you can see all the blogs I follow and on the right side there are a list of recent articles put out by said blogs.

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  • iram usmani

    Hey Kara

    I like that you are taking feedly as your learning project as it will obviously help me also to figure out feedly . I also feel that twitter is a great platform to stay updated about the topics of our interest and be able to read all current information about them.
    Thank you for all the detailed information in your blog, It will be really helpful.


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