EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Is Anyone Else on ASL Tik Tok?

Every since I started learning sign language, any time I went on Tik Tok, I would see at least one video about sign language. I actually found a few people who do lessons in ASL. I loved her videos and saved them for learning. I really liked the videos made by @taylor.jamiee. (This link may not load her page. If it has trouble please see the video link at the bottom of this paragraph and from there, click on her profile.) She is apart of the deaf community and shares her knowledge of sign language with her Tik Tok followers. For example she teaches the Alphabet in this video.

I decided to explore making Tik Toks by myself for the first time. It was an interesting process, actually a lot easier than making YouTube videos in my opinion. I made my own signing with Taylor’s audio from some of her lesson videos. I really liked using Tik Tok as a learning source. There were so many people there teaching so many different sayings and words in ASL. Taylor, whose lessons all had organized categories, had really helpful videos. I also liked some other profiles who would share random words in ASL. @kaylie.altman uses a random word generator and signs them for her followers, teaching them the signs along the way. These are not the only 2 users use teach sing language, but I enjoyed their content a lot. Another one I found was @cargo_shorts_dad. Now he is not deaf, nor does he teach a lot of sign language, but his daughter is deaf and has implants to help her hear. A lot of his videos are educating people on why he and his wife do certain things and how they do these things with and for their deaf daughter. I think it is important to understand more than just the language when learning ASL. This profile helps with that portion.

I wanted to be able to share these videos with you, so I put them all into one YouTube video showing them. Please enjoy.

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